Congratulations to the USA Gymnastics Teams!  They performed outstandingly at the Olympics, and gave the world a very entertaining show.  They did their country and their sport proud.

We are now starting a new school year, so look out for new rates, and your annual registration fee.  Pick up a new events calendar at the front desk, if you don’t already have one.

So what is new?  We hope you like the new outside of the building, and the painting inside the gym.  We have a great new class program at the front desk, so fill out your registration form to make sure we have up to date contact information.  We have opened a new homeschooling class on a Wednesday from 2-3pm.  Coach Diamond has a new dance studio inside the building.  Our fencing program is growing. It was exciting to watch the USA team in Rio.  The room at the front entrance is available for rent.

Monday, September 5th is a holiday for Labor Day.  Make ups for those classes will take place on Saturday 10th, so sign up at the front desk.

On Saturday, September 17th, from 10-12pm, we will be celebrating National Gymnastics Day with a free open gym to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network.  This is a fun reminder for our kids to be grateful and give back, so bring your friends.  They just need to be signed in by a parent.  All ages.  Under 5s can play in the preschool area with their parents.

One of our team parents is collecting items for the families affected by the flooding in Baton Rouge.  You can find a list at the front desk.  Any homeschooling supplies can also be dropped off.


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