Our annual Planet Beach Meet takes place on Saturday, October 13th, from 8am-9pm, and Sunday, 14th, from 8am-9.30am. See the schedule posted on our website or in the front lobby for details. Spectators cost $7 adults, $2 kids, with 5 and under free. Come and support our team!

Classes will be cancelled the day of the meet,  Saturday, October 14th.  The girls can make up their class during the week, and the boys will do a 2 hour class the following Saturday, 20th.  See front desk for details.

The gym will be closed on Monday 8th for the holiday.

Dress up week runs from Wednesday 24th to Tuesday 30th, so let your children have fun by wearing an outfit or decoration to gym. There will be no classes on Wednesday 31st to let everyone go trick or treating or enjoy the fall festivals.

No make ups this month as every class still has 4 days in the month of October.

Team girls also have a meet in Daphne on the weekend of 27-28th.


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